What Are the Best Thermostat Settings for Winter?

With the season now in fall, winter isn’t far off. This means you’ll soon be revving up your furnace, kicking your boiler into gear, or switching your heat pumps to the warmer settings. But there’s a problem every energy-conscious homeowner encounters around this time: what’s the best thermostat setting? What will keep you comfortable without busting a hole in your bank account?

Nadeau’s is here to help! With decades of experience and training in handling heating equipment, we’ve learned everything there is to know about setting up a comfy but cost-effective home.

How to Adjust Your Thermostat in the Winter

How would you save the most when it comes to thermostat settings? Well, set it to 65 and pull on a sweater. But we realize this isn’t a good solution at all! While there’s no magic number that is perfect for everyone, there are some acceptable ranges that tend to do well for most:

  • Your best-case for savings is around 68 – And if you’re going to be away on vacation or off to work for the day you can set it even lower, maybe 65. Don’t go lower than that, though, as this can actually lead to serious furnace problems.
  • Your ideal compromise is around 71 – When at home, 71 is roughly around where most homeowners feel comfortable. If it’s just a little chilly for you, try setting your ceiling fans to run clockwise (there’s a switch on the base of the fan for this). This will force warm air back down into your rooms, improving the relative warmth of the space up to multiple degrees.

The important thing to keep in mind that each and every degree you increase, your furnace or heat pump by represents a staggering 15% or so of increased energy use. The difference is huge over the course of a few months, so keeping things perfect from both fronts can be challenging.

What is the best solution? Programmable thermostats! Would you like a system that can follow smart home comfort routines and adjust according to your tastes, daily habits, and savings needs? How about a system that can give energy reports and optimize your home heating via learning technology? If so, you need to talk to our experts about a programmable thermostat installation for your home.

Thermostat Installation in Auburn, Maine

If you think a programmable thermostat sounds like the perfect option for your energy-efficient home, then we’d say you’re on the right track. At HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited, we’re proud to offer top-class programmable thermostats and other HVAC accessories.

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